What’s the story: Conor Maynard has been on our radar since the beginning of the year after being hailed as the “British Justin Bieber” after winning MTV’s Brand New for 2012. He’s a YouTube sensation with a huge fanbase of Mayniacs, and has worked with the likes of Ne-Yo and Pharrell Williams. His debut album, Contrast is finally here, but does the 19-year-old live up to the hype?

How does the album pan out: Contrast is totally current without being “too cool” or pretentious. It’s got some incredible riffs, cool hip-hop / urban dance type beats, and some awesome collaborations. The album kicks off on a high with Animal and maintains the energy throughout.

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Any other famous faces invited along? Yup, having friends in high places has certainly proved beneficial for the teen. As well as collabs with Ne-Yo (Turn Around) and Pharrell (Lift Off), he’s also bagged the coolest girl in town, Rita Ora for Better Than You.

We would listen to it… It’s the perfect soundtrack to getting ready for a night out, dancing insanely with your friends, or walking down the street singing at the top of your lungs.

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Tracks most likely to top the charts: There are a lot of potential singles on this album and most of the songs are just as strong as Can’t Say No and Vegas Girl; we’d quite like to see Pictures released as his next single to show a softer side to Conor.

Lyrics making us say “Errrmmm?” “She had me going damn oh la la. She said she wanna peel my banana na na.”

After listening we felt like… Listening to it again.

What they say: “This kid will change the face of music…” Pharrell Williams.

What we say: Hmmm we’re not sure if anyone is capable of that, but there’s a real drought of exciting and versatile solo artists at the moment and he’ll certainly liven things up.

Final verdict: (9/10) Contrast is an exciting album from start to finish, does what it says on the tin and has a real contrast of current sounds. Totally fun and listenable, just ignore the occasionally questionable lyrics. We’re interested to see how Conor will do on tour as a new artist performing such a bold album.


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