Since the Olympics kicked off we've been getting very into sport. In fact we are so interested in the serious elements of competition and the values of sportsmanship it teaches that we've gone and tracked down this video of Cody Simpson getting competitive in the pool. With no top on.

Not that that's all we interested in or anything..

Cody Simpson swims topless with sharks, video

Now, we might be more used to having Cody caress our ears with his lovely voice, but he's also a pretty talented swimmer. Apparently he even has a cupboard full of medals that he won back in the day when he swam competively in Australia.

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With that in mind he decided to take on his also pretty fit bodyguard, who calls himself 'The Shark,' in a nice Olympic themed race. Check it out - in the interest of sport, obviously.

Frankly the only thing that could make this better would be if he swapped the goggles for some sort of seaweed loincloth. And maybe strutted about with a trident.

Phwoarr. But what do you think?

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What do you think?