We all oohed and ahhed at Cheryl Cole's amazing 1950s look in her video for Under The Sun. We wondered if we could ever carry off such sass when strutting down to our local chippy, we pondered who might let us sit on their car bonnet seductively, and mainly thought about all the secrets she's hiding in her beehive.

cheryl cole behind the scenes of under the sun

Chezza's given us an insight into her glamorous life shooting music videos in this behind the scenes featurette for VIVA.

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We see her getting her slap on, doing some 'serious-faced-chats' about the concept, and then generally having more of a wiggle in her pencil skirt.

cheryl cole getting her makeup done behind the scenes of under the sun video

Oh, and she causes all kinds of a ruckus outside the classic 1950s BT phonebox, flailing about asking for some spare change so she can call her nan to see what's for tea. Probably.

cheryl cole outside phonebox in under the sun video behind the scenes

Voila, les videos behind les scenes;

Watch the finished Under The Sun video here

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