Cast your mind way back into the past to around about the dawn of time. Now cast it back even further to the time when One Direction were first formed on the X Factor and you might remember when Zayn Malik used to get a bit teary over the idea of having to dance in front of people?

Zayn Malik dances like Ali G

Well apparently things have changed and from what we can tell, the king of the cheekbone has been having such a good practice in front of his bedroom mirror that it's now pretty tricky to stop him busting out the moves at any given moment.

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In fact, he loves a good dance so much that he'll even dress up like Ali G if it helps realise his dreams of being a backing dancer.

Zayn Malik dances like Ali G

We're really not sure what the relevance of the reflective yellow sunglasses are, but we're glad to see he's worked a few of his trademark pouts into the routine.

Check it out.

First Borat's mankini and now Ali G's sunglasses.. Is there something you need to tell us Zayn?

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