Rumours surrounding Kristen Stewart’s role in a Snow White and the Huntsman sequel have been buzzing around MediaVille like a swarm of irate wasps today (that was quite poetic, wasn’t it?)

According to reports, Universal has decided to ditch the idea of a sequel starring KStew - and are instead focusing on Chris Hemsworth’s character the Huntsman, in a spinoff-type film.

Kristen Stewart dropped from Snow White and The Huntsman Sequel?

Now, as you probably know, we approve of anything involving Chris Hemmo's face on a giant screen - so the spinoff idea sounds pretty good to us. But not so much to Kristen Stewart, we imagine.

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Apparently, sources told The Hollywood Reporter that it’s not yet clear if director - and Kristen’s secret bonking partner - Rupert Sanders will return for the sequel, but speculate that it could be more likely if Kstew is no longer attached to the project.

These same mysterious sources also claim that David Koepp, the screenwriter hired to pen a SWATH sequel, is ‘being settled out of his rich contract’ – fuelling rumours that the whole format of the follow-up film has changed.

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kristen stewart dropped from snow white and the huntsman sequel?

"The studio is currently exploring options to continue the franchise," a Universal spokeswoman said.

 Which confirms naff all – although is strange considering that a sequel starring Kristen seemed to be a done deal before the whole affair scandal broke.

Not that we’re suggesting that’s why Universal have allegedly dropped Krizzle or anything.

Kristen Stewart dropped?

All in all it hasn't been a good week for Kristen. First Robert Pattinson steps out looking buffer than ever, then this.

What do you make of the rumours?

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What do you think?