Ladies and gentlemen, today is a GOOD DAY. Not only have we laughed ourselves stupid with this Tom Daley diving into things story, but we've also come across some brand new One Direction vids too.

These aren't just any One Direction videos either - oh no - these are PROFESSIONALLY made One Direction videos, from the set of the What Makes You Beautiful shoot.

One Direction cover im yours and wonderwall

It's like Christmas, Easter, and Harry Styles' birthday all rolled into one.

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Yep, it seems Harry, Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall (or the dream team, as we sometimes like to call them in our heads) took a break from running up and down the beach looking tasty to cover Jason Mraz's hit track I'm Yours.

One Direction cover I'm Yours

Note how Louis is the only one to get a seat on the rug. God forbid if the Sassosauraus Rex got a speck of sand on his chinos.

Watch the video below to see Niall have a sexy strum on his gee-tar while the rest of the boys lounge on the sand caressing us with their voices, and lark about in behind-the-scenes-type footage.

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It's awesome.

Now, before you play it 30 times in a row/print screen everything/make GIFs from the footage - just hold yer horses for a second OK?


One Direction I'm Yours cover

Oh yes, not only did the 1D lads cover Jason Mraz, but they also indulged in a spot of karaoke classic Wonderwall by Oasis, too.

Watch out for Harry's impromptu knee tap/Louis' giggle about half way through, that was our favourite bit.

What do you make of all that then 'scapers?

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What do you think?