While we're sitting here happily clicking through galleries of Nathan Sykes' face, wondering when we can get a pet sloth and practicing our Sugarscape karaoke routine to Chasing The Sun, The Wanted have only gone off and scored a sneaky Triple Platinum plaque for Glad You Came.

Pffft. It's fine, we love feeling crap about our achievements. ALTHOUGH OUR ROUTINE IS AWESOME.

the wanted triple platinum plaque for glad you came

"Our label took us to an amazing dinner at @SPrimeNYC & surprised us with a triple platinum plaque for 'Glad You Came," the boys tweeted in the wee hours of this morning (which was in the cool hours of late last night in NYC, but whatevs).

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They've also been busying themselves playing gigs to throngs of fans in airport terminals, as you do.

Check out some of their set at JFK from earlier this week;

Any chance of busting out a few tracks at the bus stop for the N41 guys?

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