Zayn Malik has admitted that all the throngs of girls waving their hands about, jiggling around and generally dribbling at the sight of his very existence during One Direction concerts can distract him from hitting his high notes - but in a good way.

"I can see a cute girl in the audience and get distracted by that,” the Bradford Bad Boi told BOP magazine.

zayn malik likes cute girls at gigs

“It’s nice to have someone who catches your eye in the audience and catches your attention, because then you can kind of sing to her and perform to her a little bit!”

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Good grief Zayn, don't get too involved, have you not SEEN that blog??

zayn malik likes cute girls at one direction gigs

But still, this is good to know. We're sure the same probably applies to Niall if he sees anyone having a quick snack during the set, Louis if he likes the look of anyone's shoes, Liam if he sees someone doing something that's really most un-sensible and they should stop immediately, and Harry if he sees something he wants to have sex with.

In-animate objects included.

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What do you think?