After teasing us all frickin' afternoon with little snippets of their album cover for Take Me Home, tweeting out little jigsaw-type-pieces of the artwork that we had a joyous time arranging into rude positions in Photoshop, the boys have FINALLY unveiled the whole thing.

one direction take me home album cover

Here's what we're loving;

  • Zayn in a top hat. We imagine he's got a cane somewhere and will shortly skip off down the street, click his heels together and sing something from Mary Poppins.
  • Niall in a phonebox, LIKE SUPERMAN. Or ordering a Dominos.
  • Louis casually perched on Zayn's shoulders as if Mr Malik has the STRENGTH OF A THOUSAND MEN. Not that Louis seems particularly heavy, but y'know, it's hard having someone on yer shoulders.
  • Liam's little flappy legs.
  • Harry's MAD SICK TAN.


What do you think?