Having basically conquered the world there's probably not much left for One Direction to do but have a family of singing monkeys named after them and sent off into space to play Live While We're Young to the residents of Mars.

In fact, their faces are so popular that they've even been immortalised into cartoon characters for a new biography, Fame: One Direction.

One Direction to star in new comic by Fame: One Direction by Bluewater Comics

There's only so many times you can watch The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction without a little break (54,321 to be exact), so the idea of seeing the lads in comic book form sounds like a pretty great idea to us.

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Starting off with X Factor, the comic, which is out now, chronicles their rise to the top and even includes a nice little cameo from Simon Cowell and a pencil drawing version of his high-waisted trousers.

With that in mind, things were going well. We were excited and were enjoying imagining how the lads would look immortalised in print forever. But then we saw the front cover..

One Direction to star in new comic by Fame: One Direction by Bluewater Comics

LOOK AT HARRY AND HIS SCARY, SHINY FACE. In fact Larry Stylinson is nearly verging on Barbie and Ken territory in that one.

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To be fair, the actual drawings inside actually look pretty snazzy, especially the one of them dangling casually off Big Ben. Check out the video to see what else the comic has in store..

What do you think of that? Are you afraid? Will you be getting it?

Comments below please.

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