We’ve always admired One Direction for their dance moves. No really. We’re sure you feel same.

Highlights for us include the elbow move from One Thing and Liam Payne’s constant touching of his penis.

Fellow fans out there will be pleased to know then, that the boys have a BRAND NEW DANCE COMING OUT. Although you’re not actually meant to know, Liam just can’t keep his sexy mouth shut.

“Shall we tell them the news about the new dance that’s coming?” asked el Payno during the boys’ Twitcam.

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“What new dance?” said Louis Tomlinson, doing that thing when you subtly try to make someone shut up.

Liam (not getting it): “From the video.”

“Liam, that’s exclusive,” replied the Sasquatch.

“It is exclusive.” There it is Liam.

“What dance is that?” asked Niall Horan. Give it up Nialler, everyone knows now.

“We can’t quite reveal the dance, but there is a new dance coming on the way…” said Liam. “Louis do you want to explain a little bit more?” OH THAT’S RIGHT, LAND LUIGI IN IT.

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“Basically, we did two different dances and only one of them will make the video, and uh yeah, we can’t tell you anymore,” said Louis as he dug his claws into Liam’s leg.

“It’s top secret and something to look forward to,” added Liam. “Like The Inbetweeners thing.”

What you are about to see has a massive bit of swearing at the start; so if bad words make your ears sad don’t press play.

Well as long as Liam touches his Paynis at least 55 times then we shouldn’t have a problem here.

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