Beverley Hills might be full to the brim with celebs swanning about looking attractive but it's still got its share of danger to be going on with. We don't just mean when the celebs ride around with their heads poking out the sunroof of their limos either.

With an earthquake that reportedly measured 3.3 on the richter scale, it wasn't just the visiting Brits that had a bit of a surprise in the middle of the night in LA yesterday.

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Hayley Williams from Paramore caught up in Beverly Hills<br />

“@WehoDaily: I SURVIVED THE BEVERLY HILLS QUAKE OF 2012” But it woke me up and scared the pee outta me," Paramore's Hayley Williams tweeted.

Ex-Busted singer James Bourne was in town with McFly's Danny Jones and Tom Fletcher and all 3 seemed a bit shaken by the whole thing.

Tweeting out some angst, James said: "That was only 3.2 ??? What the hell does an 8.0 feel like?"

"No for real earthquake me an @Dannymcfly ran outside it was scary."

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"Morning all. Mini little earthquake here last night. Us English boys don’t do earthquakes," Tom added.

Having had his music broadcast in space, a little tremor wasn't going to get Will.I.Am hiding under the table, saying: "There was a #Earthquake in l.a just 1min ago...If is wasn' was the beat I'm making in the studio for @NicoleScherzy... #califault."

McFly caught up in LA earthquake

Although in the grand scale of things it was quite a minor quake, we can't help wondering how One Direction, who are also in town, dealt with it.

We'd imagine Captain Sensible was straight in the bath with a mattress over the top but we're guessing Niall probably just slept straight through it.

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