The MTV Video Music Awards are this Thursday, and loads of our favourite shiny celebrity types are heading down to prance about on the red carpet, hand out awards and make speeches that they "totally hadn't prepared, it's all such a surprise" when they win stuff.

HOWEVER, there's une petit peut of drama going on between Justin Bieber fans and One Direction fans at the moment, which is making us feel a bit queasy.

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one direction and justin bieber mtv vmas

1D and El Biebo are both up for the Most Share-worthy Video gong, and the voting's getting FIERCLY competitive between the two fandoms - which is all kinds of confusing for people like us who love them both because we're greedy.

One Direction are nomintaed for What Makes You Beautiful, Justin Bieber's in for Boyfriend alongside nominations for Beyoncé's Countdown, Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe and Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know.

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"Whose video was so big it had the entire Internet buzzing?" asked MTV.

"Tweet your vote for the music video that proved so impactful that fans couldn't help but make their own shareable versions."

one direction mtv vmas 2012

Fans have been getting pretty frickin' vocal about the voting on Twitter, and even celebrity types have been getting involved in the polling - which has seen over 43 MILLION votes cast so far. Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson tweeted her support for Justin Bieber, and soon seemed to feel some kind of Directioner wrath;

"ay im voting for justin...' [sic] she Tweeted.

"OHMYGOD guys i like one direction jeez just because i didn't vote for them doesn't mean i hate them wtf tho #votebieber

"i really do respect the directioner's loyalty to 1D & also the belieber's loyalty to justin... but is it really worth fightin over!? lmao jeez. omfg im done with this."

justin bieber mtv vmas

Here on ye olde Sugarscape, we've seen this video of Justin telling his fans to go away at the airport become more popular, as well as this video of Niall calling fans a shower of c****.


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