Justin Bieber's book Just Getting Started is out NOW! To celebrate, here's a final extract and some never before seen pictures for you lovely things. If you're desperate to get your hands on a copy, order one here.

Let's begin;

justin bieber in animal glasses from just getting started

"Unlike a lot of other artists who are older than me, I don’t allow any alcohol backstage before, during, or after a show, and for the most part there usually isn’t any type of after party or clubbing. We do a show and our normal routine is to head straight back to the hotel so we can all come down from the adrenaline rush of performing. For security reasons, we sometimes have to take a whole floor of a hotel. It doesn’t happen a lot, but when it does we often get into epic games of hide and go seek.

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"It’s kind of funny because we usually stay in really nice places, so it’s pretty unusual to walk down a hallway and see all of the room doors propped open, but it’s also really cool because there are a lot of great places to hide on a single floor of a hotel. Sometimes we can even get the hotel management to turn off all of the lights in the hallway so we are playing in total pitch-black darkness. A dark floor in a hotel can actually be a little creepy, but it’s so much fun."

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justin bieber just getting started black and white

"Can you keep a secret?

"OK, so check this out. What most of the crew doesn’t know is that I create alliances with certain people during these games. I will tell my mom or Allison where I am going to hide and use them as diversions. If someone asks them if they’ve seen me, they’ll say “no,” or send them in another direction so they can’t find me. I already told you, hide and go seek is a game all about survival of the fittest!"

justin bieber just getting started

"It’s important for me to never stop being a kid - even as I get older. At the end of the day, I am just a normal guy who wants to hang out, play video games and mess around with my friends. With everything going on in my career, I think it’s important to stay as grounded as I can - and thankfully my crew goes along with whatever that means - even if they have to endure games of hide and go seek or having to tell me to quit playing a video game I am crushing ten minutes before a show. It isn’t unusual for me to be backstage in a fierce NBA 2k12 battle as the countdown clock ticks away on stage, building up the excitement for 40,000 screaming fans. Scrappy will often come to my dressing room to get me mic’d up and I will tell him I can’t until I finish the game. Of course, it’s always in the middle of a game. Classic teenager stuff.

justin bieber just getting started picture raybans

"As I’ve gotten older, there have been times I have wanted to go out after a show and do something fun with the crew, so sometimes we might go bowling or somewhere like that. When we were in Brazil I wanted to surprise everyone with an after party. It was toward the end of the world tour, so I thought it would be really nice for everyone to kick it. Since I am still too young to get into a nightclub on my own, I thought it might be cool if we rented out a club and invited “the family” to join me. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to blow off a little steam, and Brazil seemed like the right place to help make that happen."

Justin Bieber - Just Getting Started, is released in the UK today - click HERE to order

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