Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have never been the type of celebs to court the paparazzi attention *cough TOWIE cough*, so when they found themselves being photographed having lunch in New York yesterday, they took matters into their own hands with some personal scrawls for the paps to focus on.

emma stone and andrew garfield signs for the paparazzi

Our favourite celebrity couple (from America, it's clearly Marvin and Rochelle from the UK) held up signs with the website info of deserving charities for the paps to snap, rather than their loved-up, lunch-smeared faces.

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emma stone paparazzi signandrew garfield paparazzi sign

Andrew Garfield looked fit though, didn't he?

Emma Stone wants Andrew Garfield to KILL HER

Ha, check out Emma giving Andrew the "I want to bang you" eyes

Andrew Garfield: "When I first saw Emma, it was like I woke up" and more lovey dovey comments here

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