Deciding on who we fancy more, One Direction or The Wanted stresses us out; we just can’t pick. Life is so hard sometimes :(

The Wanted and One Direction in Blazin' Squad

Thankfully Jay McGuiness has stepped forward to do some anti-promotion for him and his band, and reckons that Tee Dubya look like 1D gone wrong. Oh dear.

''It is depressing,” he told The Daily Star. “But we are hairier and more decrepit. We are the ropier version.''

Now come on McGuiness, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of decrepit-ness. In fact if Harry Styles continues on the path of a cougar loving bromantic, he might quite fancy you ropey lot. We know we do.

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The Wanted looking hotter than the sub

Yum, ropey.

What do you think about Jay’s words? Reckon he should just shutup and look pretty, or do you kind of agree?

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What do you think?