Being the forward-planning visions of organisation that we are here at Sugarscape, we're already thinking about One Direction's next single after Live While We're Young. It's not that we're impatient, it's that we're wise about the future.


ed sheeran song to be one direction single

Anyway, it turns out that one of the songs Ed Sheeran gave the boys for Take Me Home might end up being released.

"One of them is kind of a getting-back together song. One of them is an appreciation song," he told MTV News.

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"I can't say the titles. The song that I think will be the single, one of the singles, is kind of a very sweet song.

"It was written about the best things about someone, kind of like the things you wouldn't expect," he said.

"You'll have to hear it. I can't really say too much 'cause it's their album. I want them to be the first ones to announce it and stuff."

ed sheeran one direction single

How gentlemanly of you Edwardo. Maybe we'll ply you with hair-cake and make you spiill your secrets to us, we've heard you like that stuff.

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