One Direction’s Take Me Home album tracklisting has been revealed, and it basically sounds like a bunch of songs that are gonna leave us lying in a crumpled heap of emotion on the floor, tears streaming down our face, shaking like a pooing dog.

Liam Payne and Savan Kotecha have done absolutely nothing to make us think otherwise, either.

one direction take me home

The tracklisting is as follows;
1. Live While We're Young
2. Kiss You
3. Little Things
4. C'mon, C'mon
5. Last First Kiss
6. Heart Attack
7. Rock Me
8. Change My Mind
9. I Would
10. Over Again
11. Back For You
12. They Don't Know About Us
13. Summer Love
14. She's Not Afraid
15. Loved You First
16. Nobody Compares
17. Still The One

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“Some of the songs are actually really meaningful and they're deep,” Liam told Twist magazine.

“They're really nice. They will make people cry though. There's a few tearjerkers in there, so be ready with the tissues.”


Savan Kotecha (who writes a frick load of songs for 1D) told us last week that “The idea was to kind of continue the whole fun, What Makes You Beautiful kind of vibe – but maybe make the lyrics a bit more naughty.

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"Some of the songs – Kiss You and Heart Attack – move the sound on a little bit.”

The boys are also going to be getting more writing credits on this record, after working with Savan on a few songs. “There’s one I did with them called Last First Kiss, which is really, really good,” he told us.


“There’s also one song that’s actually really personal to Louis on there,” he revealed.
“It’s about going on tour, being away from the person that you love and being afraid that they might move on when you’re not there, that kind of thing.”

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