The X Factor never fails to ignite opinion, and All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth and Rian Dawson are no strangers to mouthing off about… well, anything really.

As you can imagine, they jumped at the chance to voice their thoughts on X Factor band GMD3’s decision to change their name to District 3.

gmd3 district 3

Rian: “GMD3? What did it even mean? Gary, Michael, David? And then three of them? It did? Oh. That’s pretty bad. God these kids all look the same.
Alex: “Well one of them looks a lot like Justin Bieber."
Rian: “The new name reminds me of the movie District 9, with the prawns. If we were those guys, we would have gone with…Blazer, Cardigan, Jacket. I just assume that’s what they wear all the time.”
Alex: “The Cardigan Blazers”

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district 3 gmd3

Rian: “We had some weird names when we were first starting out. We settled on All Time Low pretty early on. We had Pkayground X, we had Never Wreck… none of these are really better than District 3 though.
Alex: “I’d call them MDG3, just reverse the order of the names. Or ‘Three White People.’ Or the Teen Pregnancy Trio. Yeah.”

Right guys, how about you call up Simon Cowell and wing him your suggestion? We’re just off to, er, make a cuppa. Far away from his response.

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