With the hair of a cherub and more charm than a goldplated leprachaun, not a day goes by when we don't hear yet another rumour about the love life of One Direction's Harry Styles.

But despite the fact that his lips could supposedly find their way around an obstacle course quicker than Action Man, Hazza reckons that he'd never keep a girlfriend a secret.

Harry Styles would never lie about having a girlfriend

"I've never lied about having a girlfriend. I think if you lie, people just want to prove you wrong, so you might as well tell the truth," Harry told Top of the Pops.

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"Why let someone else kind of get the dirt when you can just be honest about it anyway?"

You'd imagine that all those rumours would have given him a skin thicker than a lead wall, but he's only human and not afraid to let out his sensitive side once in a while.

"Sometimes things really affect us," he continued.

"I wouldn't say I cry a lot, though. It depends on what's happened.

"We're all just normal teenage boys. We have feelings and we go through things too," he added.

Blimey, it sounds like all you Directioners should probably take some tissues along next time you see them. We don't mean for the filthy, fanfiction related reasons either.

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