Nothing beats a fit guy in a tight lycra outfit prancing about being all manly, but let's be honest, there is something a bit weird about a man who shoots spider webs out of his hands for a living.

In fact, thinking about it, perhaps the heroics and world saving duties should be left to those who really know how to handle the situation appropriately; the Avenger Pugs.

Avenger Pugs are here to save the day

We're not sure why nobody has thought of it sooner, but it really does make perfect sense that we hand over the protection of the human race to dogs dressed in plastic Avengers outfits.

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Frankly the sooner it happens, the sounder we'll all be sleeping tucked up in our beds at night.

If you think we've finally lost it, maybe you should check this out..

We don't know about you, but that was worth watching just for the loltastic heavy breathing at the end.

Deadly serious comments below please..

OMG, it's pugs in FANCY DRESS!

Is this scientific prrof that dogs are better than cats?

YES, it's the Top 5 cat Instagrams!

What do you think?