It doesn't take a slightly pervy rocket scientist to work out that McFly's Harry Judd is a massive hottie, but his extreme sexiness has now been made official after he won the hottest man prize at the Attitude Awards yesterday.

McFly's Harry Judd wins Sexiest Man of the year at the inaugural Attitude Awards

Turning up at the inaugural award ceremony in London, all the lads were looking pretty damn fine. Frankly we wouldn't have complained about licking ice cream off any of their fit faces, but it was Harry who beat off the competition to win Sexiest Man of the Year.

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"Me and the boys have decided we finally need to smarten up so we all went and bought matching suits, although I’ve ripped mine already," Harry told the Metro.

Despite a careful inspection of the photos, we can neither confirm or deny that the rip was in the crotch based region.

"This prize is voted for so it’s very flattering. Any adulation, I’ll take it. It doesn’t make a difference who it’s from.

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"Our gay fans have always been so supportive of us. I’ve done a couple of shoots in my underwear for Attitude now so I am comfortable with all of that."

McFly's Harry Judd wins Sexiest Man of the year at the inaugural Attitude Awards

After scooping the coveted gong, we're pretty sure the next stop is having his photo put in the dictionary under the phrase 'sex on legs'.

That is in the dictionary right?

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