It may feel as though we've been talking about Miley Cyrus appearing on Two and a Half Men forever now, but we're still a few days away from the first of her episdodes to air in the UK. Dagnabit.

Miley cyrus in two and a half men

Luckily, the nice people over at Comedy Central UK have released this longer clip of the Milester in action as 'Missi' - a southern belle who just won't. stop. talking.

Talking about her character on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last week, Miley said: "I play someone who can’t shut up, [and] I had to do a lot of character building. I had to go deep on that."

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Watch her in action with Ashton Kutcher below!

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Our favourite line: "Perfect. You might lose a friend but you won't go to jail". What did you think of the clip?

Miley Cyrus appears in Two and Half men on Comedy Central, Monday 22nd October at 9pm

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What do you think?