Although One Direction have a big pile of celeb fans, one band who probably won't be queueing up to call themselves Directioners are Van Halen after they apparently had a bit of a misunderstanding with the lads in Birmingham over the weekend.

Van Halen "insulted" by One Direction in Birmingham?

From the sound of things, the lads bumped into the band in the lobby of their hotel and while there are no details of what went on, Van Halen didn't sound too impressed about their first meeting.

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"Fun fact: Was just insulted by that shitty boy band #OneDirection in the lobby of our hotel this morning! Greetings Birmingham," Wolfgang Van Halen tweeted.

"No joke. That ACTUALLY HAPPENED. That group of kids in #OneDirection were dickheads to @IIEROCKII @GWDrums and I.

"They must call themselves that because all of their hair points in #OneDirection."

"Had a run in with some boy band in the hotel lobby. No worries. I can't take a insult from someone who doesn't even write their own tunes," drummer Garrett Whitlock tweeted.

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Van Halen "insulted" by One Direction in Birmingham?

One Direction haven't made any comment about any of the things Van Halen have had to say and while we'd imagine it involved some sort of horizontal stripe off, nobody seems to know what actually went down.

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