One Direction are fellas of many talents. As well as always maintaining excellent hair and being consistently snappy dressers, they’ve recently proven their skills as particularly loud screamers, and shown off their talents at French kissing a camera – definitely something for the CV.

one direction french interview grand journal canal plus

Visiting a French studio earlier this year, the boys were shoved in a room and faced with a TV screen of questions to get their teeth round. As well as the aforementioned skillsets, they casually popped out a pretty frickin’ sweet acapella rendition of More Than This. As well as the Fresh Prince theme tune. Standard.

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one direction canal plus le grand journal dancing video

Zayn talks about his Borat mankini, Liam tries to look at Harry’s nipples, Louis leads a dance routine… it’s just brilliant.


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Harry spoke French to us once. We tried to slow it down to make it sound sexy, but ended up making him sound a bit like a dinosaur... watch the video here

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