The video that’s leaving us sitting in small puddle of wee on our seats today comes courtesy a hilarious duo, Big Clown Little Clown (aka Dave Cribb and Luke Franks), and their song dedicated to five very special ladies, Trisha, Maura, Karen, Jay and Anne. Or as you know them, One Direction’s mums.


The guys have written a song called Mum Direction and are now releasing it to raise some money for awesome charity Believe in Magic, which helps bring some happiness to the lives of sick children.

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Harry Styles’ mum Anne Cox is already a fan and said: “I first heard the song when Luke & Dave sent it to me a while back, I love it! The guys have a brilliant sense of fun, and it's very tongue-in-cheek.

“I know myself how hard it is to raise funds for a charity and the help that this will bring to Believe In Magic is wonderful. It's hard to ask people to ‘give give give’ all the time, so this gives people a chance to help whilst getting something back. It's fantastic and I'd personally like to thank the guys on behalf of BIM.”

Check out the video and admire the smooth rhyme schemes and touching imagery.

Oh go on Foxy, give ‘em a call.

If you loved that and want to buy it so you can laugh AND donate money to charity then it’s available on iTunes now. WHOOP.

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