A lot of people have said that a skill like playing the guitar is similar to that of making love to a beautiful woman (usually in a Spanish accent… we don’t know why). In that case, Harry Styles has demonstrated his versatility in the studio and beyond, by playing his guitar no less than three different ways in the new teaser for One Direction’s Little Things video.

First we see him lie down with it, tugging gently at its strings and staring wistfully into the distance with his left hand just out of shot – but undoubtedly caressing the fretboard with a tenderness only a few women (and even fewer girls) may get to experience.

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harry styles little things teaser

Swiftly, he casts this instrument aside and moves on to a more exotic looking music-maker, hunching over it in concentration, while Niall and Zayn watch him give it a good finger.

harry styles little things teaser

Finally we see Harold take up a new position entirely, propping the guitar up under his chin like a violin, giving it a gentle plucking.

harry styles little things teaser 1

Maybe he saw that in a film once or something.

We’ve had Harry, Louis, Zayn and Niall now (ooh err), meaning the only videos left are Liam’s and then the ACTUAL full-length.

Heh. We’d look at Liam’s full-length.


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