Dogs are consistently grateful for affection, but cats feel as though it is their RIGHT to be waited on hand and foot - and they're clever enough to make us still like them despite this. It’s a widely known fact that if cats didn’t spend all day sleeping, spying on people and attacking their own tails, they would have taken over the world by now.

Look at the facts. They spend their lives observing humans with a consistant look of disgust on their tiny furry faces, so they must know ALL OUR WEAKNESSES. Luckily for us, most cats try to move as little as physically possible.

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And we think we may have found the ultimate slob cat.

This cat is our actual spirit animal; being held up, sprawled out across a friend's arm, licking up beer from a can, clasping it in its little fat paws like it’s holy water. Amazing.

Let’s bypass the fact it’s definitely not good for a cat to drink beer, and just enjoy the funny.


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