When you’re beautiful, talented and have hot guys fancy you, then idiots on the internet are always going to try and bring you down. Ugh.

The X Factor’s Ella Henderson is the latest contestant to be victimised by jealous trolls who are calling her “fat”. We give up.

Ella Henderson

According to Look magazine, one bully tweeted that she should “Kill her fat self asap,” while another said: “@Ella_henderson you can’t sing, your fat&George Shelley deserves better than you.” *AHEM, JEALOUS MUCH?*

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An insider told the mag: “On stage, Ella seems very grown-up; I think everyone forgets she is only 16. If she was at school and someone said those things to her, they’d probably be expelled. Here Ella just has to expect it’s part of her life now. But she’s very upset.”

Thankfully Union J’s George, who has also suffered at the hands of bullies in the past, has been on hand to help Ella deal with these morons.

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“Ella’s been confiding in George. She tells him everything and he’s convinced her not to worry about the ‘idiots’ online, adding that 99% of the world are completely in love with her.”

George Shelley

Is there any pretty, talented girl out there who trolls will leave alone and not tell to die?

Ella Henderson: George Shelly and I really like each other

Ella Henderson: I'd love to perform one of my own songs


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