Fancy seeing Liam Payne mount a telephone box and Harry Styles befriend small furry creatures that aren't just the ones attached to Zayn Malik's head?

Of COURSE you do and with that in mind you might want to take a look at these behind the scenes videos of One Direction getting their pose on for their Take Me Home album photoshoot.

One Direction's behind the scenes video of their Take Me Home photoshoot - VIDEO with Liam Payne and Harry Styles

If you've already seen any of the snaps from the shoot the lads get up to all sorts and while they had some quite normal activities like snuggling up around the campfire and having a family portrait taken, they also had some slightly stranger adventures involving llamas and shiny ponchos.

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We also couldn't help noticing Harry physically chasing an emu, but then again, we'd imagine he probably just mistook it for Zayn.

To be fair, it's probably quite an easy mistake to make.

Now that we've had the slow-motion 'Arreh Styles approach, it's time to take a more sensible look at proceedings, and luckily our very own Liam Payne is on hand to talk us through what went down.

But what's this? Captain Sensible has thrown off the shackles off his safety specs and crotch protectors to take his life in his hands, all in aid of showing off his manly mounting skills just for you lot..

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No offence Liam, but if that's the weirdest place you've ever been, don't ever visit Madame Tussauds after a a shandy or three.

We can guarantee you'll be having nightmares about the waxy face of Cliff Richard for weeks.

Anyway, what do you think about all this?

Comments please..

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What do you think?