You might be more used to Britney Spears belting out a song in a skimpy outfit, but with an X Factor judging career and everything from perfumes to duvet covers with her face on, she apparently decided it's time to give writing a go and is reportedly considering penning her debut novel.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, It Books are trying to sign up Britney to write a novel in the same sort of style as Lauren Conrad's LA Candy series, which is loosely based upon her own experiences as a reality TV star.

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Since the rumours were first reported, one of Britney's spokespeople has apparently confirmed that she is in fact sharpening up her fountain pen and has been in "discussions" about the possible book.

It is thought that the book will be a fictionalised account of her own experiences in the world of showbiz and with a pretty colourful career under her belt, we'd imagine Britney's definitely got a few tales to tell.

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The potential for storylines seems endless, but we'll have out fingers crossed that it stars a female character who has both a 55 hour marriage and then shaves off all her hair..

But what do you think about all this?

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What do you think?