Although One Direction's ovary dissolving performance of Little Things on last night's X Factor had us having difficulty remembering anything more complicated than our own names, there was no forgetting that Harry Styles and Caroline Flack were about to have their first TV reunion since their break up, right after on the Xtra Factor.

Harry Styles and Caroline Flack reunited for One DIrection's Xtra Factor interview - VIDEO

To be fair to Hazza and Cazza, they've both been pretty open about the fact that they've stayed pals, but bearing in mind they first got it on after the same interview last year, it's fair to say that we were more agog than two pairs of night vision goggles when it came to seeing how they would react to each other this time round.

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Although they were locked in a very cosy caravan together, with Olly and the other 1D lads there too, at least they could all pretend there wasn't a cougar shaped elephant in the room.

Let's put it this way, at least they didn't start snogging or anything..

Well that seemed fine to us (apart from the strange laughing bit at 1.40), but what do you think?

While it might usually be awkward having to see someone who's seen you with no clothes on, at least Cazza was in the same boat as the rest of 1D, who we're fairly sure have seen every nook and cranny Hazza's got to offer.

Comments please.

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What do you think?