Most famous types seem to just ignore it when the press talk crap about them; maybe they think they’re above it, or perhaps they secretly like it, who knows?

But slag off their creative genius dahhhling and prepare to be in for some rage; aint that right, Tom Fletcher?

Earlier today it was reported that Danny Jones said that McFly give One Direction their “sh*tter” songs and keep the good ones for themselves. Ooohhh.

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One Direction

Now enter Tom, who just happened to get WELL DEFENSIVE when the joke got taken a bit too seriously.

"So, the stuff in the press today about us giving One Direction our 's**t' songs is obviously completely false,” he said in a statement on Twitter.

“What Danny said was obviously a joke. We would never, Never, give anyone 's**t' songs and as I clearly say in the interview, 'You obviously always want to do your best work'.

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"In fact all 3 songs I've written for 1D are some of my favourites I've Ever written and... I genuinely would have kept them for McFly but I have never, and will never give anyone second rate songs. How would that ever be good for me as a song writer?"

Tom Fletcher

Well that was bloody sassy wasn’t it? It’s almost as if Louis Tomlinson was there whispering, “Do it bitch” in his ear.

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