Just FYI, the best way to banish Monday blues when you get into the office is to be greeted with a lovely McFly member singing power ballads through your computer screen. We are a ball of emotion - thanks, Tom Fletcher.

Tom Fletcher

Tom uploaded the video to his personal Youtube channel, starting with a bit of a catch up chat, and going on to say that he was totes inspired to film a video after seeing Beyonce doing her thanggg in a performance of her EPIC song Listen.

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Tom Fletcher

He also pulls this cute face.

Tom's acoustic take on the song is obvs very different to Bey's power-ballad version, but has blown us away nonetheless.

McFly are no strangers to covering songs - they've previously belted out renditions Tinie Tempah's Pass Out, Girls Aloud's The Promise, and even The Kinks' Lola (conside yourself a die hard fan if you remember them doing that one!)

In fact, we're starting to wonder if there's anything the McFly boys CANT do?

Watch Tom singing 'Listen' below - it's in sexy black & white and everything.

What's your favourite cover that McFly have ever done?

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