Last week it was revealed that One Direction would be starring in their very own 3D movie, and the excited screams from fans (and Sugarscape writers) caused another hole in the ozone layer. Nearly.

Another person who is WELL pleased about the boy’s new venture is Simon Cowell - although if we're honest, his bank manager is probably a tad more excited.

One Direction

Speaking to MTV News, Simon spilled one or two beans about what we can expect from the film.

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"For anyone who is a fan of the band, you're going to get a chance to really see what it's like preparing for one of these big concert tours, a lot of it is about the fans," he said.

Uncle Si also hinted that a lot of the footage in the film will come from One Direction's upcoming 2013 tour of the globe, which kicks off in London in February. Think a la Katy Perry, Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber. Except way cooler and way more English.

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Simon Cowell

Does this photo remind anyone else of Psy the Gangnam Style bloke?

ANYWAY, speaking about the film's director, Morgan Spurlock (he directed that Super Size Me about the guy who ate loads of McDonalds - random), Simon revealed that he’s been given the seal of approval and is a actually a secret Directioner.

“He's cool, I met him. I think it's going to be amazing," said Si.

"He was just such fan of doing it," he added. "What he gets is storytelling and he likes detail, and he's fun and the band likes him. I think he's going to make an interesting movie."

This is going to be the longest wait for ANYTHING EVER. And we're already scared of the queues that are going to be outside cinemas. AND HOW MAD THE PREMIERE’S GOING TO BE. Oh jeez.

Are you excited for the One Direction movie?

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