If we were as famous as One Direction, we'd probably get pretty creative in our demands for fancy things in our dressing rooms every night. Off the top of our head it might involve having furniture crafted from chocolate Hobnobs and perhaps having all five of 1D on hand in pug outfits to keep us company. Not that we've spent ages thinking about it or anything..

Anyway, apparently the lads are a lot more down to earth than our imaginations and according to their old bodyguard, affectionately known as 'Baldy', they were an absolute joy to work with.

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One Direction

“They’re not diva-ish at all. All they want before a concert is a bag of sweets and a Pepsi. They won’t say, ‘I want green grapes with no seeds that look like ­bananas’. They’re all pretty chilled.”

The nicest thing was when the boys upgraded my flight to get me home in time for the birth of my little boy. Niall jammed my ­Twitter when he tweeted that my wife’s waters had ­broken. I had like 8,000 tweets from fans.”

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From what we can tell, Andy only has nice things to say about the lads and all that waiting around ready to protect them from people hiding in bins seems to have given him a chance to observe them in their natural habitats. In our minds it's a bit like a 1D safari.

"[Liam's] the most sensible. He’s the most businesslike and the most professional. He would love to produce and write music. He’s already into the music writing," he told the Sunday Mirror.

One Direction "Baldy" - Andy Davies - on what it's really like to tour with the lads

Talking about Niall, he said: “He just loves to play on his guitar and watch sport. He’ll often ask me to go and watch a football match with him, or go to a concert. He also loves his Skype...he’s always Skyping his friends. He likes a few pints and he’s a big eater.”

It sounds like Zayn likes a quieter life though, probably curled up on the sofa at home: “He likes to get home at night, just chill and do things with his friends. He loves art. He’ll often buy canvases to do his own art. But he said he’d like to try acting at some point.”

 We can't say it's that surprising to hear that Luigi is the trouble-maker though, as Andy explained: “He would instigate all the naughty things and is a cheeky chappy. He is very ­different when his girlfriend was around though... he’d become very mature.”

But what about Harry we hear you cry? Well apparently he's more of a goodie two shoes, more worried about making you feel a bit special than causing havoc left, right and centre.

One Direction

“He wants to talk but doesn’t want to make ­conversation. You have to do all the talking. He just wants a bit of company. He’s always worried about his mum," Baldy said. It's hard to take it seriously when we call him Baldy isn't it?

“Last year I had an arm wrestle with Harry and he saw the star tattoo on my bicep. A couple of weeks later he had exactly the same one. I think he was a little embarrassed when I teased him about it.

“They’re all quite tight but Harry’s a little bit of a loner. He has a hell of a way about him. He’s a very charming individual. Everyone who meets him notices that.

"Harry’s Harry... if I bumped into him ­tomorrow he would run up, give me a hug and say, ‘I miss you, man’.”

BLESS 'EM. And Baldy.

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