Ok, so we had a post about the Rihanna 777 tour trip from Stockholm to Paris all ready to upload, but not having internet access for a few days has kind of hindered that, and what happened on the plane from Berlin to London today has made it all pretty redundant anyway.

Basically, EVERYONE’S GONE MENTAL. The extreme lack of sleep, the constant waiting around in buses or planes that aren’t moving (yesterday we spent the entire day on a plane to achieve a one hour flight… wheyyy), combined with the total absence of Rihanna since the very first flight (that update was awesome, check it out here) has literally made everyone lose their minds.

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rihanna mental plane

There are some guys on the plane filming a documentary of the whole shebang, and after leaving Rihanna’s Berlin gig (where she was 2 hours late, standard), waiting around in hospitality (because the flight times have to be moved to the pilots can have legal amounts of breaks in between), and boarding the plane only to wait on the tarmac again without so much as a SNIFF of a hello from RiRi over the tannoy – everyone decided to ruin it. It was CRAZY;

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The flight attendants were filling everyone up with booze from the moment the cabin doors opened, and full-on MADNESS quickly ensued. Documentary cameras were whipped out to shouts of “B-ROLL” which soon descended into the entire plane shouting “SAVE OUR JOBS. SAVE OUR JOBS” in unison, followed by “JUST ONE QUOTE, JUST ONE QUOTE” in reference to not seeing our crotch loving leader since the very first plane.

rihanna 777 tour plane jet

Everyone’s standing up, everyone’s filming each other (might as well, otherwise they’ll have no footage) there’s a smell of stale booze-breath in the air and before someone from Def Jam comes back into our cattle-barn to ask “what the f*ck is going on,” an Australian journalist strips off all his clothes and STREAKS AROUND THE PLANE.

Honestly. At this point we think we’ve hallucinated the entire trip.

So we’re in London for a few hours now before her gig tonight, then we head to the airport to wait in a conference room until it’s legal for us to fly to NYC. The planned time to leave is 7am, and the UK journos are already taking bets of up to 1pm on when we’ll actually take off.

It’s important to note that the Rihanna shows we see every night are awesome - we're having a great time and are all kinds of happt that we're here, and we’ve glimpsed her at the after-parties but can't get near her. The sleep deprivation just seems to have 'got' to everyone, and she STILL hasn’t played Rude Boi.

Why would you do that to us Rihanna, why?

As usual, stay glued to our Instagram and Twitter for updates – if we ever find any wifi. We’re off to have a sleep, a meal, and an actual wash. Sweet luxury.

Rihanna serves Tequila to fans in Stockholm - exclusive from the 777 tour

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