Francis Boulle always seems to be advising his Made In Chelsea castmates on how to sort out their love lives and bearing in mind that he's just released lifestyle guide Boulle's Jewels, we decided it was only fair to get him to turn agony aunt and sort out some celeb dilemmas for us.

Made in Chelsea's Francis Boulle turns agony aunt and explains about that time he ditched Harry Styles outside a club

Forget pearls of wisdom because diamond mining extraordinaire Francis is full of ideas to get you on track to becoming as successful as he is. Frankly if even a smidgeon of his platinum coated moolah rubbed off on us we'd be wearing a tiara on a daily basis.

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Anyway, his advice isn't limited to the land of business and being a man of the people, he was kind enough to offer up some of his advice for free after several celebs wrote in seeking his advice.

Oh alright, they may not have written in, but we had quite a nice time pretending we were them, anyway.

Check out what Boulley had to say although after hearing about the time he ditched One Direction outside a club, he might need to book that perky head of his in for a check up..

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