It's not been the best of weeks for Justin Bieber, but even if he has managed to smooth things over with Selena Gomez, we'd imagine he wasn't expecting to be punched in the face.

You don't have to worry for the safety of his fit little face though as it's all a big joke - part of a spoof for notoriously tongue in cheek show Family Guy.

Justin Bieber getspunched in the face in new Family Guy episode - VIDEO

He might not be in everyone's good books right now, but we can't help thinking that being punched in the face is a bit of a harsh punishment. Generally we prefer sitting down, getting the glitter out and working through our feelings with some old fashioned colouring in.

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But El Biebo is no stranger to having the mick taken out of him on telly and he was even shot in a pretty bloody episode of CSI last year.

Justin Bieber gets beaten up in new Family Guy episode - VIDEO

If you're a regular viewer, you might wonder how the hell the Biebs could be brought into the storyline, but it's all down to Lois, who basically tries to get off with him during a mid-life crisis. Not that we blame her, obv.

The clip involves rude words and violence, so if you're sensitive to that sort of thing, you might want to go look at something else. If not, watch away..

We hate to say it but those flippy hair days are long gone - where is the cartoon quiff?

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