There have been more rumours swirling around Ella Henderson’s love life than there have been baked goods on Katy Perry’s boobs, and she’s finally confirmed that she IS ACTUALLY dating one of Union J.

Kind of. Sort of. That she will be in the future. We think. Sigh.

ella henderson the x factor

“Let me explain it like this,” she told Look magazine.

“George Shelley is my best friend. Jaymi Hensley is like my big brother, JJ Hamblett is hilarious and, yeah, like…at the moment it’s hard to say [how I feel about Josh].

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“He’s still in the competition.” We’re assuming she’s referring to X Factor here and not some side competition of boyfriend auditions she’s got running somewhere. Although that could be fun.

union j x factor josh cuthbert

“As soon as we’re both out of it, it’s going to go boom.”

Boom? BOOM? As in, boom-shaka-laka, which we all know means LOVIN’?

“At the moment [we are just] very close and good friends, but after the competition I’d love to see him. “I do want to spend more time with him.”

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MEANWHILE, Josh posted this picture of him and Ella together on his Instagram saying “FAVORITE @ellahenderson1!!!!!! :Dxx”[sic] after previously saying “Gonna miss you Ella! & I’m gonna miss everything we do togetherrrr!”

josh cuthbert and ella henderson the x factor

Which we can only now assume means SHAGGING, but who's to say.

Check out Ella's exit interview with us below;


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What do you think?