Even if Christopher Maloney isn't to Louis Tomlinson's taste, he's doing pretty well and is yet to be in the bottom two on the X Factor.

But as much as he wants to win the show and bathe in a pool full of record deals, he's also a a fan of a boyband and reckons Union J have what it takes to be just as big as One Direction.

X Factor's Christopher Maloney prefers Union J to One Direction

Apparently Christopholoff is a big fan of Union J - especially Jaymi who is apparently his BFF on the show.

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We'd like to imagine that they egg each other on before they go on stage by growling and patting each other on the head. Or you know, other manly stuff like that.

"I love those guys - I think they could be the next big boyband," Chris told STV. "They’re totally different to One Direction."

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson is not happy about Christopher Maloney still going through on the X Factor

That's probably a good thing as far as Chris is concerned though as he's the first to admit that he probably won't be asking for a 1D onesie for Christmas.

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"One Direction aren’t really my cup of tea," he explained."Union J, however, are my cup of tea!”

As far as we're aware, a cup of tea is only ever made better when it's chucked over the topless bodies of both 1D and Union J, but we'd imagine Chris might prefer a teapot that sang Abba covers instead.

X Factor's Christopher Maloney prefers Union J to One Direction

What do you think? Reckon Chris has got the turban and foresight usually reserved for a fortune teller?

Comments please.

X Factor's Christopher Maloney prefers Union J to One Direction

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