Apart from Photoshopping their faces onto testicles and calling it "Look what One Direction would look like if they were balls"; we've pretty much covered all 1D Photoshop bases.

Now Scaperoodles, it's time to turn these icons of the new millennium into the people we loved most in the nineties - and now as it happens (Jezuz, we need to find a new TV show), we've transformed One Direction into the Friends cast.

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Meet Liam Payne's Spirit Animal, Ross Geller. Much like his SA, Liam is a father, usually sensible but prone to outbursts of rage. He also has accidents with his leather pants.

Niall Horan is the Nando's loving version of Joey Tribianni. In fact if we found out that Nialler was Joey's long-lost son we'd only be 20% shocked.

Now some of you may find it hard to see the similarities between Zayn Malik and Phoebe Buffay, bit we promise you they're glaringly obvious, not just because Zaynster went to The Buffay School of Dance.

Louis Tomlinson IS Chandler Bing. Funny, sarcastic, OH SO SASSY, but with a slightly cooler job.

The only haircut more famous than Harry Styles' curls is The Rachel. Also, we reckon Hazza would look pretty cute in an apron.

But hold on... there is still one Friends character missing. "WHO THE HELL IS MONICA?" we hear your cry. Alright schweet'arts, don't get your knickers in a twist, click next to find out...

Simon Cowell is without a doubt the Monica Geller of Team 1D. Here he is relaxing with a massage after a long day of stopping the boys from pulling their trousers down at service stations.

Alright, enough of this, we're off to watch The One With Five Steaks and an Eggplant for the 824th time.

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