Every time a celebrity pops out a new sprog we await the ridiculous name choices, but it’s not just famous types who have a quirky taste in baby names.

If us normal folk try hard enough, we can make the headlines with our picks too. At least, that’s the only reason we can think of for why one woman has called her new born daughter Hashtag. Yes, you read that right: Hashtag. And we thought Mariah Carey's child called Moroccan was weird.

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It still is.

baby called hashtag

It’s no big news that the world has gone social media mad in the past few years, but this surely is a step too far? In keeping with her child’s name, the mother broadcasted the birth of Hashtag with a tweet.

She eloquently announced: “Hashtag Jameson was born at 10 o’clock last nite, she weys 8 pounds and i luv her so much!!!!!”

Having read this, we are obviously not quite so confused as to why she may have thought that “Hashtag Jameson” was a reasonable name for her new born, as it’s possible that she’s a few slices short of a loaf.

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hashtag baby

We've found this adorable photo of a baby elephant to help us calm down from our outrage. It's probably cuter than the human baby Hashtag anyway.

It's hard to believe that this woman really does 'luv herso much!!!!!!' since she seems to have almost deliberately set out to create a teenage rebellion in the making. Nobody really loves their name, but Hashtag is definitely worth paying to change.

Seriously though, someone call social services and get this sorted out before she grows old enough to start referring to herself as #.

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