Nicole Scherzinger has left the caves of the X Factor studio and taken to her Twitter to spill the beans on her brand new single, which will be called... *dun dun duuuun*...BOOMERANG.

G’DAY MATE. Reckon she’s been inspired by her fellow Pussycat Doll Ashley’s stint in the Aussie jungle?

Nicole Scherzinger

Scherzy unveiled the title yesterday when she tweeted that she was ‘Doing a video for my new single #boomerang #returnofnicole’ .

She also shared some exclusive snaps on her Instagram from the filming and rehersals of the vid, including a shot of her being all loungy and dramaqueeny in the dance studio. We might try this one on the office floor.

Nicole Scherzinger

She also showed off lots of pics of mega fierce pointy shoes and some seriously lovely lippies. Will there ever be a day that we DON’T wish we were her best mate…Sigh.

Nicole Scherzinger Boomerang

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Are you excited to hear Scherzam's new tune?