While One Direction were still toddling round in nappies and singing into hairbrushes in that mystical magical time of the 90s, the Backstreet Boys were the biggest boyband in the universe. Now the 1D boys have taken their crown, the BSBs have decided to take them under their wing and offer some hearty pop advice.

Backstreet Boys

Howie Dorough (the one that always used to wear shiny jackets and had a dodgey ponytail) has warned Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Paynis that they need to cut back on the partying and good times to make sure they don’t burn out while they’re at the peak of their game.

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Wise words to the Hazzizzle from Howizzle.

He told In Touch magazine that the best advice he could give the lads would be to ‘Pace yourself. Have fun but put your health first.’ Yes mum.

One Direction

“Definitely enjoy the perks that come with being a popstar, but make sure you prioritise your party nights and work. Without the hard work, there’s no girls, and without girls there’s no party”.

“Make sure you record music that you’ll be proud of in 20 years time” Howie added.

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Sterling advice if we may say so. We know the 1Ders love a good party sesh, but Howie has definitely been around the (new kids on the) block when it comes to the pop world.


So should the boys take the suggestion on board? We’re off to find a Backstreet Boy to ask advice on our love life.

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