One Direction may have won over the hearts and ovaries of a large percentage of the world's celebs - men and women alike - but two people who probably won't be counting themselves as Directioners are ex-Oasis frontman and notorious mardy bum Noel Gallagher and gran favourite Cliff Richard.

Noel Gallagher and Cliff Richard find One Direction 'boring'?

Despite making music at opposite ends of the pop spectrum, Noel and Cliff have made an unlikely alliance in the form of being underwhelmed by the 1D phenomenon.

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Liam Payne is clearly going to be devastated when he picks up his copy of Woman's Day magazine this month as Cliff has only gone and said that he's not even convinced the lads will last.

"When people ask me about bands like One Direction, I say, I may not know them now, but if they are still here in five years, then ask me again," Sir Cliff said.

"I’m sure they’re good. You don’t get famous like that without having something to offer."

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Noel Gallagher and Cliff Richard find One Direction 'boring'?

Perhaps he's be keener if they sung Christian rhymes while putting logs on his fire.

Anyway, Cliff might be too busy arranging sprigs of mistletoe to pay much attention to 1D, but Noel is pretty open about the fact that he finds the current Top 20 disappointing and according to the Daily Star, finds pop acts like the lads 'boring'.

Speaking to the paper, he said: "Back in the 90s the Top 20 was mostly bands and now it’s all manufactured pop. They have got their careers to think about, so you don’t get anybody swearing or even admitting to smoking."

"We were just being ourselves back in the day," he continued. “We never brushed anything under the carpet, so to speak. If I was asked a silly question I used to give a silly answer.”

Noel Gallagher and Cliff Richard find One Direction 'boring'?

Clearly he's never watched an episode of Spin the Harry then.

Or this, for that matter...


To be fair, Noel doesn't even like his own brother, so we can't imagine 1D will be too worried. But what do you think about all this - think either of them have a point?

Comments please...

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