A video of James Arthur covering McFly hit Shine A Light has surfaced on the interweb - a video that not only proves James has had a frickin' amazing voice since AT LEAST 2010, but also showcases a rather fetching hair do.

Jimmy A is seen performing the cover to a pub full of watching punters - a far cry from the huge stage and million viewers he now experiences every weekend. Take that for urban roots Tuleesha.

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james arthur covers mcfly's shine a light

McFly boys Tom Fletcher and Harry Judd were clearly just as impressed as us with Arf's rendition.

Tom tweeted out a link to the video with the comment: "Wow, I might need to stop singing this song now I’ve heard @JamesArthur23 absolutely smash it. CHECK THIS OUT!" while Harry went for the simple, yet oh-so-expressive: 'SICK!!!' 

Wrap your peepers round the video below and tell us what you think.

Good, huh?

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