All this Harry Styles shagging hanging out with Taylor Swift business has been causing ALL MANNER OF DRAMA - but it's fair to say that some have taken it better than others.

Youtube star GloZell, for example, isn't rolling around the floor sobbing while throwing all her Tay Swizzle CDs out the window, oh no.

hashtag haylor blues

Instead, she's chanelled her emotions into a song. AN AWESOME SONG.

including the lyrics: "She's made out with Harry Styles, then she'll put him in her boyfriend pile" and, "I've got the hashtag Haylor Blues" we're going to go right ahead and say it's one of our favourite songs of the year. Possibly ever.

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A word of warning though - it's been stuck in our head ALL DAY. So if you don't want to be humming something about a "closet lesbian" on the bus on the way home...

PAHAHA - whadda woman. What did you think of the song?

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What do you think?