If we were popstars, we'd quite happily present gig venues with a list of demands involving dancing pugs and bags of colour coordinated jelly beans.

It sounds like we are way behind on the imagination front though as apparently The Wanted are way ahead of us and prefer a lucky dip containing mysterious meat products, small men and rude sketches.


the wanted say their quotes about one direction were taken out of hand

We've always thought The Wanted are a pretty easy going lot, but according to some slightly amusing reports, they require a few things to get them relaxed enough to hit the stage.

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An insider from one of the lads' recent shows apparently spoke to the Daily Star, saying: "They want to be given rude drawings of themselves and have requested packets of sliced ham, labelled 'mystery meat'."

That's not it though and according to this source they also need something to "boost their self-esteem" and apparently, allegedly, SUPPOSEDLY request to be greeted by a man no taller than 5 ft 3in.

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We aren't sure how much we are going to rely on this mysterious blabbermouth of a source, but we're quite happy to close our eyes and imagine that it's real.

Mainly because the image of Siva breathing a sigh of relief as a slightly short man opens his car door is too good to pass up.

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