X Factor winner James Arthur's video for Impossible has finally popped out of Simon Cowell's hairpiece, and it's made everything just EVEN MORE EMOTIONAL.

Only a bit though, as it's not really a video as more of James' best bits montage that we saw on the show, with an added bit from the show we were watching

james arthur impossible video

A bit like video inception. Not really.

james arthur video

Anyway, here it is. Enjoy your crying.

In a much more uplifting video, we caught up with (read: had a pre-arranged interview with) JArthur when he was fresh out of the show, to discuss all things balls, Scherzy, and his weird name for his fans.


That was much better, wasn't it?

James Arthur: "I'm a bit of an ugly f***ker so I'll take what I can get"

James Arthur has already written songs for One Direction

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